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How to make a bamboo cup?

2019-11-20 Views:528

Nowadays,people all around the world pay more attention on protecting the environment,and to live an eco friendly like make it more important.because there is no planet B.

Everyday,a lot of disposable coffee cups are consumed,and buried into the soil,but they cannot be biodegradable,we advocate to use the reusable bamboo coffee cup,which is biodegradable and reusable,fashion on the go,and with flexible patterns,many customers are curious about how the bamboo coffee cup is made during production.Today we will share the whole process.

1.    Design your artwork in our keyline 

2.    Printing the decal paper

3.    Starching the decal paper  and baking the paper for at least 72 hours

4.    Cutting the paper with the keyline and glue the joint line,

5.    pressing with high temperature and make the design well stick with the bamboo fiber

6.    polishing the edge to make it smooth and safe.

7.    Quality checking

8.    Packing and shipping

Here is a photo of how the bamboo coffee cup is made ,to help you understand well.


If you want to make a pure solid color ,then follow below steps.

1.    Choose a pantone color

2.    mix the color powder with the bamboo powder,this will take several hours to make the exact right color for solid color.

3.    Heating the tooling for at least 2 hours,and then try printing sample.if color is not correct,then go back to step 2 again and remake.

4.    If color is correct,then make new printing tooling for silk printing to print with your logo,it takes another 2 to 3 days.

After reading the process,you must know why the customize sample time takes 10 to 15 days,and cost 100$,as the process to make a sample is exactly same with mass production,it takes every step just as shown in the picture.


We are serious to make the product to be perfect!



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