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Comparison of 2 production method of Bamboo fiber tableware

2019-12-30 Views:323

With the rapid development of production ,technique gain more ways for similar products ,currently, there are 2 ways for producing the bamboo fiber tableware:injection molding and compressing molding.


Let’s first go to Compressing molding, the material required working on this machine is bamboo fiber +corn starch +Melamine, or melamine. The picture shows what’s the compressing machine look:


  Usually, The molds on this machine consists of 2 parts: the upper molds, and the bottom molds, check below picture:


the materials go on the bottom molds and shaped by compressing the two molds with high temperature, and the right side one is the heating machine, the powder will heat in this machine for several seconds and then work in the compressing machine, it’s widely applicant in bamboo fiber tableware production ,

here is the video showing how it works.(



The advantage :

1. Flexible on pattern and color: work well and can have complex color and design. the color is not easy to go off as they merged with decal paper

2. Can customize pantone color with solid color .

3. No pp inside, feel more natural and eco, can be biodegradable more than those with bamboo fiber +pp material.

4. Easy to upgrade the design with low costs.

5. Dishwasher safe


1. Cannot microwave

2. Can’t work well for pantone color on decal printing paper design, because the bamboo fiber itself is natural beige, so even when we use a correct pantone color on decal paper, it will still change (normally darker) when comes to the real product.


Tips: the background is a normal natural beige color, which means even when you leave the design in a white background, it will come still with the natural beige.

below are two picture for easy reference:


More details pls refer to the video:





The second method is injection molding, for injection molding,the materials always contain PP+bamboo fiber,or PP +plant fiber,or PP+rice husk,that means the ingredient inside must have there is PP inside,normally for a same size and shape, bamboo fiber +PP products will be cheaper than bamboo fiber+melamine.


The advantage of producing by bamboo fiber+PP injection:

1. Cheaper and lighter

2. Higher production capacity

3. Microwave safe, no easy to break.

4. Can customize pantone color solid color.


1. Sometimes feel more like plastic as PP still in more percentage.

2. Cannot do full pattern decal printing, there is a color limit on printing on injection products, normally one color silk printing is widely used, if more than 2 colors, the pattern can print with only heat transfer printing which costs very high and not beautiful.


Here is the video showing how the injection machine working when producing the bamboo fiber coffee cup:


How to distinguish the 2 producing method?

1. If the bamboo fiber tableware is with full colorful pattern, mostly they are done by high temperature pressing with full decal printing.

2. If the bamboo fiber tableware is solid color ,if it feels like plastic, it’s produced by injection molding.

Actually, the easiest and most efficient way is to check the overall product, to see if there is a “mouth”, all injection molding will have an entrance for the material to go inside, that is the “mouth”.(picture here)


In conclusion, if both 2 ways have their own feature, you can just select the most suitable way for your project.or contact me for more solutions.



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