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Is Melamine harmful to our health in bamboo fiber dinnerware?

2019-12-20 Views:828


    Bamboo fiber dinnerware is quite popular these years to be new eco friendly dinnerware,but many people are afraid of it when learning that there is a part of melamine inside,moreover,the rising of negative news from publishers make customer in hesitation for purchasing this. So is it really dangerous?

     Actually there’s difference between food grade for Melamine resin i.

Initially ,melamine is graded as A1,A3,A5 ,called by Chinese Factory,so what’s the difference?


    A1 Melamine: 30% melamine resin+ starches + Additlves

Feature:a small part of melamine, highly toxic, not resistant to high temperature, stolen, corrosion, rough appearance, easy to deform, discolor, and poor gloss.

    A3: Melamine: 70% melamine resin+ starches+ Additlves

Feature:the apperence is very close to A5, but when it is aplicated,easy to change color, fade, easy to deform at high temperature, and not resistant to corrosion

    A5:100% Melamine resin

Features: non-toxic and odorless, temperature resistance -30 she -120, bump resistance, corrosion resistance, lightweight, safe to use.

    There is a big price gap between A5 and A1,A3.


    A1 is far more cheaper, but when it is made in shape, it’s not so obviously to see the difference. Some factory use A1 instead of A5 to produce the bamboo fiber dinnerware, reduce their costs and gain more profit, thus many Disqualified bamboo fiber dinnerware are shipped to oversea countries, which infringes the rights and interests of consumers. It’s not the correct way of business, but it does happen and disturb the market.

    We know,the competition is fience,but we still must keep our quality principal in our mind to provide safe and qualified goods,only by this,the enterprise will live longer,and if everyone can abbey the rule by themselves,the market will be more healthy.


    Though according to current technique, to be 100% bamboo fiber is not workable in application.but in the future,I believe improved technique can solve it and make products to be more eco and durable.we are in this filed and we will keep updated with the latest news.

    For now,we still have many lovely pattern of bamboo fiber dinnerware,which is 100% food grade safe with A5 melamine,welcome to contact.:)

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