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Reusable bamboo coffee cup-a great alternative to the disposable cups

2019-12-09 Views:93

    Carrying a cup of coffee into the office every morning is the standard way for many white collar workers to start the day. This is common while We care more for too many disposable cups rather than people drinking more coffee than tea. according to a parliamentary report,In many European countries especially In the UK alone, 2.5 billion paper cups are thrown away every year.this is really a huge waste and also the big burden to the earth.As the coffee culture becomes more prevalent, the demand for disposable coffee cups is absolutely increase, and if no one takes care of it, the wasting amount will reach to 5 billion paper cups a year.

    Why do I send out a report like this? We have the solution. We produce reusable bamboo coffee cup,which is a good alternative to he disposable one, for these bamboo coffee cup,they can be biodegradable after buried in the soil and become part of the soil after several years.


    Yes, it is this kind of reusable bamboo coffee cup that can perfectly solve this problem. Just imagine that if everyone use the cup he carries with him, our earth will be better and better. Come on,let’s join the coffee revolution today and create a zero waste habit.

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